Who we are

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Founded in 1996, SolWeb is a privately held european IT company. We specialize in on-premises and cloud-based IT solutions for the real estate industry and unified communications for small and medium sized enterprises.

We started with database solutions for estate agents and quickly moved to integrate CRM systems and dynamic web sites. We also expanded into network infrastructure and Internet-related services, such as email servers.

What We Do

Software solutions for businesses

We build and use software to fulfill business requirements. We always try to use the right tool for the job, but still try to specialize as much as possible to avoid becoming a jack-of-all-trades. We currently develop most of our software in C# and JavaScript on Microsoft platforms.

Worldwide infrastructure

We operate servers in Cologne, Los Angeles, Santiago de Chile, Hong Kong and pretty much any other location to meet the requirements of our customers. We also give recommendations and tips for the customer's own infrastructure.

Support is everything

Supporting our customers is at the core of our business. Often praised, our technical support regularly exceeds customer's expectations, always being well below guaranteed response times and focused on providing a satisfactory solution.

Why us

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    Technology meets business

    We’re passionate about technology but solve business problems. We move fast but pay attention to detail at the same time. And we have a non-corporate but highly professional attitude.

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    We're international

    SolWeb thinks and works global – from Chile to China. In three languages: English, Spanish and German. Almost all new customers come via recommendations and often stay with us for many years.

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    We keep our feet firmly on the ground

    We are in the IT business for nearly 20 years. In all this time we've never had even a single legal proceeding with a customer or supplier. We've always been, and still are, debt-free and not bound to anyone. Accordingly, we've also stayed clear of subsidies of any kind. We like to see this as a characteristic quality.